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About Flood.pk

Floodpk.com is a crowd sourcing platform provides updates, alerts, list of volunteers, fundraisers & other important information.

Floodpk.com help flood affectees so government / institutions and other organization can help them.
Floodpk.com is a website dedicated to updates on monsoon floods 2022, SOS alerts, safe centers, fundraisers, volunteer groups, relief programs and damage control measures. Connect with government and other organizations that are actively taking part in management of flood relief initiatives. Find the authentic fundraisers that are providing tents, foods, water and other supplies to the affected people.

How it started

While it may seem like the floods in Pakistan are no longer a problem, there has been a wreaking catastrophe on the country for the past few weeks. It has caused thousands of people to evacuate their homes and is the worst in Pakistan’s history. It has devastated Pakistan’s economy, creating thousands of refugees, according to metrological department; the rain may start again in the mid of September, and may not be expected to end anytime soon.

The menace has affected the lives of millions of people, and the effects are still being felt. The floods have brought many different effects, including the decrease in economic development, the loss of buildings, and the spread of diseases. The floods have also caused a lot of deaths and injuries.

More than 1300 people have been reportedly died, with more than 33 million people displaced. Besides, it has also destroyed more than 325,000 homes and damaged over a 2.5m acres of farmland. Furthermore, it has caused severe damage to the infrastructure such as roads, bridges, and dams with an estimated loss of 2000 Billion Pakistani Rupees to the economy; moreover, it has also affected water supply, and sanitation. It doesn’t end here, health education, and agriculture have also been badly affected.

In the wake of this terrible havoc, a group of volunteers from Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in collaboration with Floodlight came up with a website showing to provide any kind of information regarding flood relief activities across the country, it also aims to connect government and other organizations to come forward and visit the flood affected areas to ensure flood effected individuals and families get the require relief. Not only this, the website also has enlisted some of the credible donors along with their areas of relief operations, their donation details, contact, and other important information all over the country.

Floodpk.com provides data on the following activities across the country; such as Flood Relief Camps, Fundraisers Charities, Medical Camps, Closed and Damaged Roads, it also identifies the areas where relief is needed.

The website is originally set up by a group of volunteers to help see the latest conditions of the flood in overall Pakistan. It is built by number of volunteers from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa lead by “Shafeeq Gigyani”. Since this platform has been built to help continue flood relief activity smoothly and quickly that is why it relies on donations to continue its operations.


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